-- Site Under Construction --

Work in progress - Please view news section for updates

When finished this site will host some of my web-apps.
As a web programmer newbie. I am on a quest to convert my knowlage of programming C++, Basic, etc to HTML, Javascript, AJAX and various server languages that are needed to make the stuff in the background work.
I have found this quite difficult so far as most sites either assume no programming knowlege or a good background in programming other web languages.
This site will mainly host articles, resources and links that I have found useful or written in this quest. It will also host the web applications I hope to write with this new found knowledge.
This site is unlikely to ever make more money than it costs to keep it online (3.99pm) and certainly will not provide any compensation for time spent on it. So please be patient if it takes time to get things fixed, changed, etc.

----- Comming soon, Javascript Wiki based on Wikimedia ------
I intend to start writing a Wiki with all the Javascript instructions with a breif but helpfull way of implimenting it.
I may also transfere my articles section to a wiki.