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For now, these games will all be written in Javascript and tested on Internet Explorer 7. Though I hope to get them woring on Firefox as well.

Complete Games

These are games that have reached a reasonable level of playability.
Tetris style game I don't know how many remakes there have been of this game. But I am guessing it is a few million. Here is my version! What more can I say.
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Work in progress

These are games that are in their infancy. They probably won't work on most peoples systems.
Image Game Description
Slidey Ball Game This is a remake of the first game I wrote for my Amiga (Using Amos basic). The object is simply to collect all the apples in order to proceed to the next level. It is made more difficult by the fact that the character will keep going until it hits something. Direction can only be changed once this has happened.
Note: In order to stand any chance of playing this, your desktop res must be >1280x1024 and you must put your browser into full screen mode (Windows key+f11).